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We are a family of passionate tea producers based in Yunnan, China. We make Pu-erh tea on Jingmai Mountain and also source black tea, white tea, oolong tea and green tea from that area. We press homemade Pu-erh tea cakes under our brand Jing Yu Tian Xiang.

Yunnan tea is unique by its diversity and richness, from sweet white teas such as Moonlight White to powerful old-growth Pu-erh teas, we hope you will enjoy our selection of tea leaves from smallholder producers. We live a good part of the year in Jingmai and make Pu-erh tea from ancient tea gardens as well as white tea and oolong tea. Our tea is stored in Puer city where it can age well due to the nice climate. Follow us on Facebook!

On Farmerleaf, you can learn more about tea culture throughout our product descriptions, buy some high-quality tea leaves carefully crafted and curated. We hope you will enjoy digging through our tea collections

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William and Yubai


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