Yunnan black tea comes in different shapes and oxidation degree. The general process is picking, withering, rolling, fermentation and drying. It is commonly known as Dianhong 滇红 which just means Yunnan black (Dian 滇 is an old character used to designate this province of China, 红 means red, which translates as black tea in English as you already know). There is a wide variety of black teas in Yunnan; they are cheaper than in other provinces because they are mostly made out of the Assamica varietal which yields more tea and requires less care than the Sinensis tea varietal. 

The black teas of Yunnan differ in their leaf aspect, oxidation level, and cultivar type. The terroir also has a significant impact. We source black teas from Jingmai and we will occasionally offer leaves from other tea areas such as Jingdong (Wuliang Mountain), Matai (Bangdong area) or Fengqing. 

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